Monday, August 31, 2015

[Infographic] 9 Tools to Simplify Homeschooling with LEGO

Did you know that LEGO Education offers curricula for teaching with LEGO, across numerous subjects and age groups? In this infographic, we explore tools to improve and simplify homeschooling with LEGO. These include LEGO Education curricula, community resources where other homeschoolers share techniques and lesson plans, and other online resources. We hope you find it helpful!

LEGO Education Curricula

BuildToExpress (Pre-K to Grade 5)
Machines & Mechanisms (K to Grade 7)
LearnToLearn (Grades 1 to 4)
MoreToMath (Grades 1 to 2)
WeDo (Grades 2 to 5)
StoryStarter (Grades 2 to 5)
MINDSTORMS (Grade 6 to 12)
- MINDSTORMS Education EV3

Other Resources

LEGO Education forums
Junior First LEGO League (K to Grade 3)
First LEGO League (Grades 4 to 8)

Organize with Pinterest - Some of our boards:

Homeschool with LEGO
MINDSTORMS: Experiments & Tutorials
Learning with LEGO
LEGO Organizing

Follow these blogs

LEGO Education Blog
Milk & Cookies Blog

Be Creative!

Have your own methods or ideas for better homeschooling with LEGO? Share them in a comment below or on our social media accounts! Let's do better homeschooling together.

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