Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LEGO Elf on the Shelf Ideas

How does Santa keep an eye on kids all over the world? With the help of his elves, of course! Today every family has the opportunity to adopt and name their own elf. When adopted, these elves are granted magical powers. They fly to the North Pole every night to tell Santa about that day’s adventures and to keep the naughty-and-nice list in order. The next morning, the elf returns home to a new spot. During the Christmas season, kids can enjoy waking up every morning and racing to find the elf’s new spot, and parents will enjoy kids on their best behavior!

With these LEGO Elf on the Shelf ideas, you can combine your favorite building blocks with your Elf on the Shelf to make this year more fun than ever. We’ve come up with some of our favorite LEGO Christmas ideas that incorporate Elves on the Shelves to help you get started.

Elf on a Throne – On days when there’s just not a lot of time for your little ones to search for the Elf, try hiding him or her in plain sight! Build a LEGO throne for your Elf, and he or she can sit at the table and enjoy mealtimes with the family throughout the day. You can encourage your children to eat their fruits and vegetables, and remind them their Elf will be reporting back to Santa on how they do!

LEGO Elf Replica – To really challenge your children, build a LEGO replica of their Elf and throw them off their hunt. With a replica on the mantle, in front of the computer, or anywhere else, kids will have twice as hard a time finding Santa’s real elfand twice as much fun!

Elf in Trouble – Uh oh! When additional LEGO figures live at home, your Elf may get into trouble coming back from the North Pole. When he or she gets caught by LEGO minifigures, the Elf is helpless and needs to be rescued to keep doing his or her job! Have your children search, find, and rescue the Elf so he or she can go back up on the shelf and report to Santa that he or she was saved by kids who belong on the nice list.

Whether you choose to tie up the Elf with dental floss, build a tight and intricate Elf prison, or add in even more characters and create an exhilarating ambush scene, there are limitless possibilities for imprisoning your Elf.

Elf in the LEGO bin – For a tricky find, try hiding your Elf in the LEGO bin! Here the Elf will blend in and can perform his or her reconnaissance mission in secret. If and when the Elf is found, you can quickly and easily switch to playing with LEGOs for a fun morning, afternoon, or evening activity!

Elf in the LEGO Fort – Found the Elf in the bin? Built a fort, castle, house, or other LEGO structure after? Slide the Elf right in! Your children will love finding their Elf in their own creation, and within his or her own structure, the Elf can watch the children and keep an eye on all their deeds – both good and bad.

A Very LEGO Christmas – Getting close to the big day? Create a Christmas tree, presents, and even more holiday items out of LEGOs for your Elf to sit by or hide behind. After all, even Elves deserve presents and sometimes need a little bit of holiday cheer to help them keep making the trip to Santa each and every night.

Elf in the Movies – Have other action figures and more LEGO sets from your children’s favorite movies? Recreate their favorite scenes or make up new stories with the help of the Elf! From Star Wars to Toy Story, with LEGOs you can create and tell an unlimited number of stories. The best part? Once your children find the Elf and the scene, they can continue playing and expanding their imagination all day long.

Racing Elves – Set up a start line, finish line, and a path in between! You can create an entire track and even racing cars out of LEGOs for your Elf and children to enjoy. In a speedy car, your Elf can keep a close eye on the children’s behavior, and the kids can race Elves and other LEGO and action figures for heart-pumping fun adventure! They can also create new races to practice their building skills, stimulate their imagination, and keep the fun going all evening long.

Elf With a Heartfelt Message – No matter what you’d like to say, from I Love You to Merry Christmas, you can say it with LEGOs and an Elf on the Shelf.

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