Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DIY LEGO Storage and Table Ideas

Anyone who has ever had LEGOs lying around their floor knows there aren’t many things more painful than stepping on the corner of one of those tiny plastic building blocks. But for those serious about custom LEGO building, throwing all your pieces into one bin isn’t going to work. Bricks need to be kept organized and out of the way, and sometimes that can be difficult.

Check out these LEGO storage ideas that will keep your LEGOs off the floor, organized, and right where they should be. Whether you’re looking for portable solutions, cabinet plans, DIY LEGO tables, or LEGO table Ikea hacks, we’ve got you covered with this list!

Ikea Hacks

Photo from B-InspiredMama.com
Ikea is great at providing affordable storage options for the rest of your house, so why not hack an already familiar product to store your LEGOs?

Try removing the shelves from an Ikea bookshelf or cube unit and replacing them with bins on rolling tracks. If your collection is small, store your LEGOs in spice containers that hang on a magnetic strip or in buckets designed to hang from a wall rail. You can label each compartment by what’s inside – people, squares, or flats – or by color.

If you want to get serious about your LEGO station, purchase an Ikea coffee table, glue down flats to cover the table’s entire top surface, then hang your storage baskets from the side of the table or use the coffee table’s shelves to place your bins.

Whatever your storage preference may be, Ikea is sure to have the foundation you’re looking for. You just have to get creative!

LEGO Tables

Photo from MendingthePiggyBank.com
Creating your own LEGO table could go hand-in-hand with doing your own clever Ikea hack, but you can use whatever items you have to build your own custom LEGO table – even LEGOs (using stackable baseplates)!

Using your typical LEGO bricks, create the legs. Then once you’ve gotten the height you’re looking for, use stackable base plates for your table top. Connect it all together, and you’ve got yourself a LEGO table made entirely out of LEGOs!

If you’d like something a little more stable and a little fancier than the Ikea hacks, cut a hole into the top of your designated LEGO table that’s the perfect size to drop in a bin. This makes for easy clean up, with all your LEGOs right where you can see them.

Portable/Movable Solutions

Photo from Instructables.com
If you want a LEGO table that isn’t a permanent addition to your living or play room, you can use a number of fold-up options to create your table, including a simple plastic folding table or cart to hold storage bins. When not in use, simply fold it up or wheel it away and set it out of sight. Or store your LEGOs in tool boxes for easy transportation and LEGO building on the go!

If you are looking to get fancy with your portable LEGO station, check out this table that folds up to look like a LEGO brick – complete with instructions and a shopping list so that you can create your own.

For AFOLs, Would-Be Master Builders, and Other Hardcore LEGO Fanatics

Photo from QZ.com
If LEGO building is serious business for you, LEGO storing should be too. For keeping all your LEGOs meticulously organized by color, shape, and size, invest in multi-compartment plastic containers or even tool organizers designed for garage workshops – anything with thin, flat drawers so you can easily see all bricks and pieces inside.

You could even create a custom LEGO cabinet that allows you to easily display and access shelves and drawers of LEGO pieces when you want them but looks like a proper piece of furniture when you don’t.

Budget Options

Photo from HappinessIsHomemade.net
 As much as everyone would like to have their own custom-built LEGO cabinet, most people aren’t that handy or don’t want to spend the money associated with having someone else create it. If you’re looking to store your LEGOs on a budget, you’ve still got tons of options for keeping your LEGOS organized.

Buy some black plastic storage bins with a lip on the back meant to hang from a metal rail. Just secure the metal rail to your LEGO room wall, hang up your bins, and go about organizing your LEGOs, all for less than $25.

For a super-cheap option, use gallon-size Ziploc bags. Pick up a box of bags for a few bucks at the grocery store – or pull a few out of your pantry – and separate your bags by color, shape, or whatever your organizational preference may be. When LEGOS aren’t in use, toss them on a closet shelf or into a storage bin, and you have a simple LEGO storage system for just a few dollars.


Regardless of your LEGO building level, number of bricks, or LEGO organization budget, there's no reason to have your pieces in a jumbled mess. Get creative with your organization ideas and you'll never have to fear stepping on one of those dreaded plastic bricks again.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

8 Fun & Creative LEGO Christmas Ornament Instructions

We all know LEGO bricks are wonderful toys all year round. However, the possibilities do not stop there. With Christmas coming up in less than two weeks, it is time to remember the festive possibilities for your LEGO creations. To get started this holiday season, consider making your own tree d├ęcor with these LEGO Christmas ornament instructions. A great last-minute activity to with your family to build even more excitement for the holidays!
  1. LEGO balls. These tutorials from Frugal Fun 4 Boys are simple and kid-friendly. While the post outlines several DIY LEGO Christmas decorations, such as a candy cane and a baby Jesus, the most interesting designs are the LEGO balls. After purchasing clear plastic ball ornaments from a local store, you just have to fill them up with red and green 1x2 bricks for an easy and festive decorating solution.

    Image from FrugalFun4Boys.com
  2. Sphere of Christmas. A Golden Afternoon takes the ball ornament idea a step further. By buying empty plastic snow globes at the store, these ornaments allow for a more intricate holiday LEGO scene. Simply put fake snow on the bottom and arrange your favorite holiday LEGOs on top. Trees, mini figures, and other accessories work particularly well, ensuring a unique holiday ornament for your tree this year.

    Image from AGoldenAfternoon.com
  3. Death Star. Darth Vader's epic space station may not seem like the ideal Christmas accessory, but this LEGO ornament is simply too cute to pass up. This surprisingly easy tutorial is provided by Chris McVeigh, or, as he is commonly known online, Power Pig. The Death Star ornament is especially fun, and the tutorial offers a handy step-by-step process that is easy to use.

    Image from PowerPig.ca
  4. Question Block. Another great design from Chris McVeigh is the question block. This clever design borrows from Super Mario Brothers, allowing everyone to make their own stylized question block to hang on the tree. Not only does this ornament look great, but it is also designed to open at the top, which means more fun goodies can be hidden inside. Like all of McVeigh's tutorials, standard LEGO bricks are used, and the tutorial is easy enough for builders of all ages to follow.

    Image from ChrisMcVeigh.com
  5. TARDIS. Doctor Who fans will quickly recognize this ornament. Chris McVeigh's police box is a fun addition to any holiday decor. The design relies on a variety of LEGO bricks that most builders already have, but if you want to add the iconic police box sign, then you will have to print your own sticker or purchase one online. With or without the sticker, the TARDIS will bring holiday cheer no matter what time period you live in.

    Image from PowerPig.ca

  6. Arcade Machine. This fun arcade machine is perfect for video game aficionados and LEGO innovators alike. With a detailed tutorial from Chris McVeigh, it is easy to create this machine out of pieces you probably already have lying around. The colors can be individualized to reflect your favorite game, and no additional materials are needed.

    Image fromChrisMcVeigh.com
  7. Reindeer. If you are looking forward to Santa's visit, prepare by making his reindeer for yourself. Fungineering has made an adorable reindeer tutorial using only LEGO bricks. The easy design makes this a perfect craft for the family, and it is easy to swap out the nose brick for a red piece and create Rudolph. The instructions must be downloaded and used with LEGO Digital Designer software, which is free.

    Image from Fungineering.co.uk

  8. Angel. Fungineering has another great ornament with this angel tutorial. The pattern is complete with a halo and wings, making this Christmas angel a peaceful choice for your Christmas decor. Once you have your free copy of LEGO Digital Designer software, the instructions can be downloaded and put to good use today.

    Image from Fungineering.co.uk
Did you enjoy these LEGO ornament instructions? Share pictures of your builds with us in a comment or on social media!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Four Fun LEGO Christmas Wreath Ideas

If you have kids, you probably know that LEGOs are at the top of the gift lists this holiday season. However, have you thought about adding a LEGO touch to your holiday decorating? Bring even more joy into decorating for the holidays with LEGO Christmas decorations like these LEGO wreaths, perfect for families or a bit of solo fun. These wreaths are simple, kid-friendly, and completely different from any your neighbors will be displaying this year.

No-Fuss LEGO Christmas Wreath


This wreath is so simple to create that you actually don’t even have to snap any bricks together. You’ll need a relatively smooth green wreath. Choose one made from floral foam or faux moss; LEGOs won’t stick to those made to look like pine boughs. Grab some glue dots to secure the LEGOs.

Finally, go through your LEGO pieces and select those you’ll add to the wreath. This is a wonderful chance to practice colors and sorting with your kids. Pick out the green, red, and white bricks along with any minifigures that have a distinctly holiday feel.

Secure the glue dots to the back of the LEGO pieces and stick them to the wreath in a random pattern. The best part about this wreath is that when the holidays are over, you can remove the glue dots and put the LEGOs back into rotation.

View the instructions here

More Ideas

If you want to get a little more involved in your wreath creations, try to fashion a holiday decoration using only LEGOS. This is a wonderful project for a LEGO master.

The All-Brick Wreath

This project involves finding every green brick in your collection. It doesn’t matter how many studs each brick has; you’ll assemble them into a wreath shape at random. You may also use green plates for added dimension, but this will work with bricks alone.

Begin by laying the bricks down in a wreath shape on a flat surface. The bricks won’t be connected yet, so take care not to jostle them. Lay them alongside one another, but lay each brick in a horizontal direction.

Once you have arranged the bricks in the correct shape, begin to add another layer of bricks on top, offsetting them to connect two of the bricks you had originally laid out. All of the edges of the first layer don’t need to be covered; attach the second layer randomly for the most natural results. Keep the bricks in only horizontal or vertical directions; don't attach them at an angle.

Add the finishing touches using single stud pieces for ornaments. Create a bow shape using red bricks at the top of the wreath.

The Foliage-Filled Wreath

This wreath is a little more complicated than the all-brick wreath but still doable for the average LEGO enthusiast. Begin by laying two 2x4 bricks end to end. Connect them with a 2x4 or 2x6 brick placed perpendicularly across the break. Create 12 sections like this. Then, connect eight of them end to end, but at an angle, to create a circular shape. Add the additional four sections above the bottom layer, connecting the top of the wreath to the side of the wreath.

Add foliage pieces, single stud pieces, and additional bricks on top for added decoration and security. If the wreath feels wobbly, add green base plates behind the bricks to keep it stable. You can enlarge this wreath by using more than 12 of the three-piece sections.

Create a bow using red wedge plates connected by a red brick. Let the “ribbons” flow off the bow using 2x4 wedge plates connected end to end and leading from the bow to each side of the wreath.

The Deluxe Holiday Wreath

This complex design is produced in a similar fashion to the all-brick wreath but uses a combination of plates and bricks. Because this wreath is so multifaceted, create stability by forming the wreath shape out of two or more layers of flat green plates. Once the initial wreath shape is created, add dimension by pressing bricks on top of the original layer.

Decorate this wreath with all of your foliage pieces, single studs, flowers, and leaves. The more colorful the wreath is, the more festive it will be.

Add a holiday scene to the center of the wreath by creating a diorama. Create a layer of base plates the width of the hollow in the center of the wreath. Build up a background wall using Christmas colors or spell out a saying in the wall using small bricks. Add penguin, Eskimo, and Santa minifigures and some white bricks to symbolize snow.

Attach two bricks across from each other, approximately where the three and nine are on a clock, leading off of the inner edge of the wreath into the center hollow. The diorama will balance on these bricks in the center hollow of the wreath.