Tuesday, March 1, 2016

10 Awesome LEGO Stop-Motion Animations

LEGOs have a ton of fun uses beyond standard play. They can be used to understand construction and engineering or to build models and sculptures. They can also be used for artistic projects like stop-motion animation. This is a filming technique that requires physically manipulating objects in tiny movements captured frame by frame. When edited together, this creates a continuous animation. Some talented directors and hobbyists have put a lot of time and love into such animated shorts. Today, we review some of our favorites. Here are 10 awesome LEGO stop-motion animation shorts you have to check out!

10. A Proposal – (3:12)

This cute, short film was made as part of one LEGO lover’s marriage proposal. It tells the tale of two lovers who fall for each other at first sight. While not focused on raucous fun and action like most of our selections, the story is heartwarming and unique among LEGO stop-motion videos.

9. Snakes in the Weeds – (6:30)

This film follows a man on a drive through some eerie woods that he soon learns are haunted. Along the way he encounters snakes, sharks, a wizard, and other fun characters. This film is well made despite a wild and erratic storyline. It’s slightly dark yet charmingly silly and has some great sound effects.

8. Superman vs. Lex Luthor – (2:53)

Lex Luthor attacks a peaceful town in a giant mech! Superman and Wonder Woman team up to defeat him. While this short uses some animation effects beyond what can be done with stop motion and LEGO alone, like explosions and dizzy birds, it is an engaging and well-told story. A fun story for the superhero fan, with a happy ending for the heroes and townsfolk.

7. Jurassic Park – (3:39)

This short film highlights, almost perfectly, the most iconic scenes from “Jurassic Park.” It’s a great summary of the movie that adds in some goofy tweaks and commentary for a unique, creative flair. It’s very well made, with hilarious voiceovers that sound like the actual actors might be made to sound in a professional cartoon adaptation. Made by a father, his daughter, and her friends, the creators used more than $100,000 of LEGOs to make this short!

6. Batman vs. Superman – (3:12)

Batman tries to convince Superman to fight him in this short animation. While less action-packed than you might expect from such a setup, this short film delivers laugh-out-loud comedic gold. It portrays Batman as a macho superhero with something to prove, poking fun at the premise behind the 2004 film “Batman vs. Superman.” With excellent animation, great lighting, and stellar use of camera angle variation, this short is one of the funniest to make our list.

5. Legend of the Samurai-Ninja – (14:13)

This short film is actually made up of two storylines! One is about a rogue ninja warrior exiled from his sacred dojo. The other is about a lost, dysfunctional TV crew out in the woods filming a survival show. The two stories intertwine in a hilarious twist of events that is made realistic with vivid sound effects, creative camera angles, and tons of explosive fight scenes. It may seem a little long, but grab some popcorn because it’s worth the entire show!

4. Thriller Intro – (1:14)

This is the iconic scene in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video where he reveals himself to be a monster. The entire video is created using only block LEGOs, which makes it totally different from many other LEGO animations. In fact, it’s so detailed, the characters’ facial expressions are vivid and easily recognizable, but the blocky LEGOs used to recreate them gives a striking effect. We would love to see the rest of the music video in this format!

3. Millennium Falcon Assembly – (3:35)

This short is simply hypnotic! It quickly speeds through an entire assembly of the Millennium Falcon LEGO replica and is probably the most detailed stop-motion animation in our list. It took an entire year to complete this model and another six months after that just to animate the video! It elegantly highlights what it’s like when you’re building with LEGOs and how much detail goes into different designs and their builds. Don’t forget to blink!

2. Adventure Time Main Title Sequence – (0.44)

This flawless LEGO stop-motion video perfectly recreates the intro song to the popular television show “Adventure Time.” With only a few minor exceptions, it is an exact frame-by-frame duplicate of the original. For extra fun, we suggest pulling up the original next to this video and watching them side-by-side. You’ll be amazed at how perfectly the director captured every scene! This video will please fans of both “Adventure Time” and LEGO.

1. Action Bill – (5:07)

Imagine an old-English world visited by William Shatner in a time-travelling mech to destroy William Shakespeare for ruining his acting career. Actually, don’t imagine. Watch this hilarious, brilliant short! Shatner is foiled by none other than Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard! The sound effects, explosions, and camera angles create action-film excitement, while the storyline is nonetheless as fun and whimsical as they come. We love everything about this short film and can’t get enough of the clever crossover of worlds. Enjoy!

If you have a LEGO stop-motion animation you’ve made and want to share it with us, send a link or submit below!

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