Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Eight Huge LEGO Star Wars MOC Custom Builds

In 1999, as anticipation ramped up for the upcoming release of The Phantom Menace, LEGO partnered with Lucasfilm to create one of its most iconic lines: LEGO Star Wars. As of 2016, nearly 200 LEGO Star Wars sets have been released along with tie-ins such as the immensely successful LEGO Star Wars video game series which, like the LEGO sets, spans the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and the new sequel trilogy.

The huge crossover between LEGO and Star Wars fandoms has led to an explosion of Star Wars-themed MOC projects. For the uninitiated, “MOC” (pronounced like “mock”) is short for “My Own Creation” and refers to LEGO builds designed by the builders themselves rather than those created according to official instructions. The eight huge LEGO Star-Wars MOCs described below exemplify the synergy between LEGO and the Star Wars universe and are also amazing testaments to the creativity and dedication of LEGO fans.

  1. Millennium Falcon by Titans Creations

    Titans Creations, a Singapore-based six-member MOC team, used 10,000 bricks to create this amazing three-and-a-half-foot-long model of the Millennium Falcon. The team spent two weeks simply to create an acceptable blueprint and another two months to actually construct it. While the Millennium Falcon itself may have been “a piece of junk,” according to Luke Skywalker, this amazing MOC is truly a work of art.
  2. Ewok Village by KW Vauban

    KW Vauban, a German MOC creator, built a model of the Ewok village from Return of the Jedi that stands about three feet high. There’s no word on how many pieces it took to build this monument to MOC ingenuity, but you can bet it was far more than the 1,990 pieces that come included in the much smaller and simpler official LEGO Ewok Village set. According to Vauban, the spiral staircases that cascade up the trees were what initially inspired him to build it.
  3. Sandcrawler by Peter Brookdale

    Peter Brookdale, also known in the MOC world as cavegod, used over 10,000 bricks to build this truly gargantuan Sandcrawler, which was on display at the Brick 2014 convention in London. This model has working tracks and a ramp that opens up to reveal a detailed interior. Sandcrawlers are a popular subject for MOC creators, and Brookdale’s attempt is possibly the best of them all.
  4. AT-AT Walker by Peter Brookdale

    The Sandcrawler, though, is far from Brookdale’s only Star Wars MOC. He’s also designed a TIE fighter, a Rebel transport, and much more, and he’s made his designs available for others to recreate. Perhaps his crowning design is this AT-AT walker, which took 26 hours and over 6,000 pieces to build. That’s six times the number of pieces that are needed to create the official LEGO version of the AT-AT. This particular copy was put together by a group known as BrickVault, demonstrating that MOC-building is not just something done in isolation, but rather a way for LEGO-lovers to create a worldwide community of enthusiasts.
  5. Mustafar Separatist Headquarters by Michal Kazmierczak

    This model of the Separatist headquarters on Mustafar, as seen in Revenge of the Sith, took Polish designer Michal Kazmierczak four months to construct. It uses an astounding 60,000 bricks to represent both the base itself and the rocky, lava-ridden environment that surrounds it. Standing almost five feet tall and weighing in at 140 pounds, this enormous piece is just one of Kazmierczak’s many LEGO creations. He’s also constructed sets from other film franchises such as The Hobbit and Avatar.
  6. Star Destroyer by Jerac

    For most of us, our first introduction to the magic of Star Wars occurred as we watched an Imperial Star Destroyer fill up the screen as it raced after Princess Leia’s tiny transport. This Star Destroyer MOC was created by another Polish artist known as Jerac. Designed and built over an eight-month period in 2013-14, Jerac’s Star Destroyer is over six feet long, weighs about 110 pounds and consists of about 60,000 individual bricks, making it a fitting tribute to one of the most memorable shots in cinematic history.
  7. Battle of Hoth diorama by Martin Harris

    Although making MOCs requires serious effort, some builders like to add a little levity to their creations. American Martin Harris’s diorama of the Battle of Hoth is a good example: look closely and you’ll find Darth Vader riding a sleigh and a rebel soldier eating a giant pretzel to get his energy up for the fight in addition to many other little jokes. But it’s also an impressive artistic achievement that covers most of a very long table and includes both a detailed interior of the Rebel base and the snowy terrain outside.
  8. Death Star trench run diorama by OliveSeon

    Finally, another diorama, this one by the Korean team OliveSeon, recreates the climactic attack on the Death Star at the conclusion of A New Hope. OliveSeon has built many remarkable MOC dioramas, but what really sets this six-foot-wide masterpiece apart from most MOCs is how brilliantly it provides the illusion of motion—a real necessity for faithfully depicting a fast-paced space battle.
Have another favorite LEGO Star Wars custom build? Have you made your own that you’d like to show off? We’d love to see them. Share with us in the comments below or on social media!

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