Friday, June 3, 2016

A Rundown of the LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalists - And Our Personal Rankings

One of the most exciting parts of the LEGO brand is their LEGO Ideas initiative, which draws on the creativity of one of the toy industry’s most innovative and passionate fan bases: LEGO fans! This community-driven, crowd-sourced project often features some of the most beautiful work at LEGO. Just look at the gorgeous and detailed bird set we sell.

LEGO Ideas works in rounds of several months called “qualifying periods” – the most recent qualifying period was from January to May 2016 – during which entrants submit their ideas and vie for votes from the community. If it receives 10,000 votes, it enters the “Review” stage, in which LEGO designers, marketing representatives and others review the project for viability. They will then decide which brilliant new LEGO Ideas proposals are actually produced and sold!

Because the most recent qualifying period ended in May, nine impressive projects are now in the Review stage. We’re excited to provide a run-down of these sometimes topical, sometimes classic, sometimes humorous and always unique finalists – and just for fun, we’ve decided to rank them in order of our personal preference, ending with our favorites (although it’s hard choose). Which one is your favorite? Which set would you purchase? Sound off in the comments below!

Modular Train Station

LEGO Ideas Modular Train Station

This cute train station is designed to fit in with the 20th century look and feel of the other buildings in the LEGO Modular series. The inside of the station is where it really shines, featuring a clock, snack bar, and ticketing office with turnstyle. We also love the “glass” roof.

Fossil Museum

LEGO Ideas 2016 Fossil Museum

Archaeologists rejoice! This set features four popular dinosaurs (and one popular pterosaur) on display at a museum. What makes this set so incredibly impressive – and educational – is that the dinosaurs are actually to scale. Those people standing there aren’t just friendly museum patrons; they’re also a great way to learn about the size of these extraordinary creatures in relation to people as you build. The skeletons are also as accurate as possible, given the constraints of the scale.

Johnny Five

Johnny Five LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalist

Fans of nostalgia will go ape for this Johnny Five robot, the hero of the Short Circuit movies from the 1980’s. The robot is fully posable and looks like a lot of fun to build.

Old Fishing Store

Old Fishing Store LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalist
 At first glance, this fishing store could be straight out of Scooby Doo. But as you start to notice the details, you’ll quickly fall in love with this set’s charm. It features three levels, including a main store, office, and lookout. It makes us feel like taking a trip to the ocean!

Particle Accelerator

particle accelerator LEGO Ideas 2016 finalist

Physics fans will love celebrating this particle accelerator, modeled after an actual accelerator and featuring a LEGO ball that can actually accelerate around the ring. Although it obviously features a different propulsion system, it does accurately illustrate the concept of the particle accelerator and would be a great addition to science classrooms. This would also be a perfect gift for the physics nut in your life.

Jedi High Council Chamber

Jedi High Council Chamber LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalist

Two Star Wars-themed entries made it into the final round this time, and it’s easy to see why the High Council Chamber was one of them. Just look at this detail:

LEGO Ideas Jedi High Council Chamber - Detail

However, as great as the High Chamber is, our favorite of the Star Wars-related projects is this one:

Rolling BB-8

LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalist - Rolling BB-8 from Star Wars

Who doesn’t love BB-8?! This one actually rolls, cleverly using weights and magnets to keep the BB-8’s head in the same position as it rolls. Additional details like attachable arms and a display stand with a crank make this one tons of fun, and a welcome addition to any Star Wars-themed collection.

Jurassic Park Visitor Center

LEGO Jurassic Park Visitor Center - LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalist

Another dinosaur-themed set could have been cliché, but this visitor center really pulls out all the stops in its complexity. From gift shops to a genetics lab to emergency bunkers, this visitor center contains everything you’ll need to make the Jurassic Park world come alive in vivid detail.

Gingerbread House

LEGO Gingerbread House - LEGO Ideas 2016 Finalist

This house is everything a LEGO set should be: there’s a simplicity in the design without being boring or lacking a challenge; it’s colorful; and it’s just downright fun. It also helps that it quite literally looks good enough to eat! We’re frankly surprised a LEGO gingerbread house has not been created before, and think it would be a perfect addition to the holiday LEGO sets.

We’ll keep you posted throughout the process as the LEGO Ideas winners are selected!

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