Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to Throw a LEGO-Themed Party

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than by throwing a LEGO-themed party? People of all ages can host fun, successful LEGO parties. Starting with some creative planning, you can build your party up just like you would a regular action figure set. Whether you’ve got a birthday coming up, have a group of friends that share your love for LEGO toys or simply want to throw a fun event, follow these LEGO-themed party ideas for a stellar event everyone’s sure to remember. These ideas also will lead to the perfect LEGO-loving child’s birthday party!

Invite the Masses

The first step for planning a party, LEGO-themed or not, is to create a guest list. Think of all the friends that would love to party LEGO-style and invite them to your shindig. You can always use Facebook to invite people, but for this theme, we think a traditional letter by mail is a better choice. You can find DIY LEGO-themed invitations all over the internet to help give you some inspiration!

LEGO-themed party invitations

Set Up the Decorations

It wouldn’t be a LEGO party without LEGO party decorations, so make sure to pick your decorations ahead of time. Simple things like LEGO-shaped plates and cups can go a long way towards making your theme more cohesive. If you want to get extra creative, you can even get a LEGO piƱata! Here are some of our favorite DIY LEGO-themed party decorations:

·       A LEGO banner
·       LEGO cutlery holder
·       LEGO mason jars
·       LEGO shaped decor

LEGO-Themed Treats

Once you’ve pulled together some fun decorations, it’s time to think about the food you’ll have at your party. It’s really easy to put together a few LEGO-shaped desserts. Whether you add some red icing to brownies or create the iconic LEGO head out of a marshmallow, you’ll soon discover that your options are limitless when it comes to these themed treats. To give you some inspiration, here are some tasty LEGO-themed treats:

·       LEGO popcorn
·       LEGO Marshmallow pops
·       LEGO sugar cookies

LEGO Party Games

When your guests aren’t admiring your decorations or snacking on delicious food, they’ll need something fun to do! You can set up different LEGO stations around the area, where people can sit, talk and build LEGO creations together. You can even host a contest between guests to see which group can build the best object!

Another tip: instead of music playing in the background, put on a LEGO movie to entertain friends and keep the theme cohesive.

how to throw a LEGO-themed party

Make the Perfect LEGO Cake

This one just makes sense. Cakes are rectangular… LEGOs are rectangular… you get the picture. You can have cakes made at a variety of bakeries that will personally create a LEGO design for you, or you can try it yourself in the kitchen. After all, if you’ve put together a thousand-piece LEGO set, how hard can baking one measly cake be, right?

A LEGO-themed cake

 Party Favors They’ll Never LEGO Of!

The final step to creating a great party is leaving people with something they’ll always remember! A good LEGO party favor is fun and usable for everyone involved, not just LEGO lovers. You can stick some of your pre-made treats into a LEGO shaped bag, give departing guests a DIY LEGO mason jar, or try making LEGO crayons!

LEGO-themed party favors

 LEGOs have been bringing friends together for decades, and with these fun DIY crafts, you can take it one step further with your very own LEGO-inspired party. Whether you go all out or choose a subtler approach, the thing that matters most is to have fun and celebrate with your friends!


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